Every js chart in AnyChart can have one default title and unlimited number of additional custom titles. These text fields are used to create description for the chart data. By default, the .title() is placed on the top of the chart.

Default Title

Every chart has default title and this title can be enabled or disabled using .enabled() parameter

  // chart type
  var chart = anychart.column();
  // enable title
  var title = chart.title();

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Setting Text

Of course you can specify your own texts for a title using .text() parameter, just like that:

  // set chart type
  var chart = anychart.column();
  // set title text
  var title = chart.title();
  title.text("Sales Performance");

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Note: there is even more simple way to set custom text for a title. Text can be set using chart.title("Sales Performance") method without additional parameters.


This section describes title visual appearance and ways to adjust it.


Title can be placed anywhere on the chart plot. Parameter .orientation() sticks title to the side of the plot and parameter .align() controls alignment of the title.

  // adjust title
  var title = chart.title();
  // place title at the bottom
  // stick title to the left

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You can tune background of a title. Use .background() method to configure visual appearance of a background. Full information on adjusting background can be found in Background article.

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Text Settings

Text is the main part of a title. Visit API to find out all parameters for tuning visual appearance of a chart title.

  // tune text
  var title = chart.title();
  // title text
  title.text("Sales Performance");
  // set font size
  // underline text
  // set font family

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HTML in Title

You can use HTML formatted text of a title. Use .useHtml() parameter an option to use HTML tags in title text.

  var title = chart.title();
  //enables HTML tags
    "Sales Performance"+
    "<br><a style=\"color:#0000FF; font-size: 10px;\">"+
    "according to annual report</a>"

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Note: the list of all supported tags for HTML text formatting can be found in Text Settings article

Adding Events

You can make your chart title interactive by adding event listeners of a different types. Sample below shows pointClick event that triggers alert() function.

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