Andrew's Pitchfork


Andrew's Pitchfork, also known as "median line studies", is a technical indicator that uses three parallel trendlines to identify possible levels of support and resistance. The trendlines are created by placing three points at the end of identified trends. This is usually achieved by placing the points in three consecutive peaks or troughs. Once the points have been placed, a straight line is drawn from the first point that intersects the midpoint of the other two.

Because of its shape this indicator is called a pitchfork. The first point drawn on the chart forms the handle, while the lines extending from the other two points will make up the prongs.

Andrew's Pitchfork annotation allows to add this type of drawing to the chart, as any other annotation it can be drawn by user or hardcoded into a chart. In this article you can learn how to hardcode it and what visual settings can be applied.

To learn about basic settings please refer to Drawing Tools and Annotations: General Settings article.

To learn more about drawing process and its management please refer to Drawing Tools and Annotations: Drawing article.


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Visual Settings

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