Drawing Tools and Annotations


AnyChart Stock offers a large set of features that allow you to build your online financial portal and one of the most exciting features is the ability to draw/display on the chart custom objects (drawing tools) or, as they are called in our documentation and settings, annotations.

In this section of the documentation you can learn almost everything you need to know about things you can do with annotations: settings options, types of annotations and so on.

General Settings

General settings are the settings that can be done with any annotation regardless its type, this document also contains some other basic information you need to know about annotations: how to allow/forbid adding annotations, how to work with defaults and so on.

Annotation Types

Here is a full list of annotations/drawings available in AnyStock, with links to the tutorials that describe their settings.

Fibonacci Tools

Lines, Trend Lines and Rays

Geometric Shapes

Labels, Buy/Sell Signals

Other Tools

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