PERT Chart Settings


Pert charts are created using pert() constructor which returns an instance of anychart.charts.Pert class.

// create a PERT chart instance
chart = anychart.pert();


Tasks are controlled using {api:anychart.charts.Pert#tasks}tasks(){} method, spacing between tasks by horizontalSpacing() and verticalSpacing() methods.

chart = anychart.pert();
// set tasks color
chart.tasks().stroke("2 #4CAF50");


Milestones are set up using {api:anychart.charts.Pert#milestones}milestones(){} method.

chart = anychart.pert();
// set milestones color

Critical Path

Critical Path is configured using criticalPath() method.

chart = anychart.pert();
// set critical path milestones color
chart.criticalPath({milestones: {fill: "#F44336"}});


Use getStat() and expectedTimeCalculator() to obtain and set PERT statistical calculations.

chart = anychart.pert();
// get project duration
var duration = chart.getStat(anychart.enums.Statistics.PERT_CHART_PROJECT_DURATION);
// get project deviation
var deviation = chart.getStat(anychart.enums.Statistics.PERT_CHART_CRITICAL_PATH_STANDARD_DEVIATION);
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