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You are looking at an outdated 7.13.1 version of this document. Switch to the 7.14.3 version to see the up to date information.

PERT Chart Settings


Pert charts are created using pert() constructor which returns an instance of anychart.charts.Pert class.

// create a PERT chart instance
chart = anychart.pert();


Tasks are controlled using {api:anychart.charts.Pert#tasks}tasks(){} method, spacing between tasks by horizontalSpacing() and verticalSpacing() methods.

chart = anychart.pert();
// set tasks color
chart.tasks().stroke("2 #4CAF50");


Milestones are set up using {api:anychart.charts.Pert#milestones}milestones(){} method.

chart = anychart.pert();
// set milestones color

Critical Path

Critical Path is configured using criticalPath() method.

chart = anychart.pert();
// set critical path milestones color
chart.criticalPath({milestones: {fill: "#F44336"}});


Use getStat() and expectedTimeCalculator() to obtain and set PERT statistical calculations.

chart = anychart.pert();
// get project duration
var duration = chart.getStat(anychart.enums.Statistics.PERT_CHART_PROJECT_DURATION);
// get project deviation
var deviation = chart.getStat(anychart.enums.Statistics.PERT_CHART_CRITICAL_PATH_STANDARD_DEVIATION);