Text Markers


Text Markers are useful when you want to place custom texts or description with or instead of axes values labels. You can add text markers to any place of a chart.


These text markers are just custom text placed on chart.

To add custom text you need to create .textMarker() and set .value(), .scale() and .text().You may use other options, but previous three are mandatory.

        .text('Custom Marker');

Sample below shows several variants of Text Marker usage: marking up values (High, Low), describing values (Historical Maximum) and marking only selected values on certain axis (8.00).



You can configure text marker placement, font, anchor and text of any custom text using .value(), .align(), .anchor(), .fontSize(), .offsetX(), .offsetY(), .text() methods.

Markers placement is controlled using .align() method, possible values are: "Near", "Center", "Far".


In the sample below you can see different text markers positions and text formatting:


You are looking at an outdated 7.2.0 version of this document. Switch to the 8.4.0 version to see the up to date information.