Downloading AnyChart


Latest AnyChart 7.x files can be downloaded from these locations. To download these files, right-click the links below and select "Save as..." from the context menu.

  • Production edition - anychart.min.js (145Kb gzip)
  • Development edition - (147Kb gzip)
  • Binaries package - (360Kb)

Using AnyChart with a CDN

CDN can offer a performance benefit by hosting AnyChart on servers spread across the globe. This also offers an advantage that if the visitor to your web page has already downloaded a copy of AnyChart from the same CDN, it won't have to be downloaded again.

To use AnyChart CDN, simply reference the file directly from in the script tag:

        <script src="//"></script>

Differences between production and developers editions

Developers edition contains debug functionality, which may be useful to debug you code in old browser version (IE6 e.g). Also it provides some log information in console, such as misconfiguration warnings.

Binaries package content

Binaries package contains all resources you may need to work with AnyChary:

  • demos/ - chart gallery adapted to work offline,
  • js/ - JavaScript binaries folder,
    • anychart.min.js - production edition,
    • - development edition,
  • index.html - binaries package index.

Past Releases

Past versions of AnyChart 7.x can be found and downloaded from AnyChart CDN.

You are looking at an outdated 7.2.0 version of this document. Switch to the 8.4.0 version to see the up to date information.