Switching series type

Our stocks has a method allowing to change the series type at once if the current series and the replacing one have the same or similar fields. Look up the list of supported series to be sure it's possible to switch those series you need.

To switch the series use .seriesType() method of a series and set the series name as a string parameter. Series names used as parameters are identical the methods used for creating the series. Let's create a couple of samples to make it clear how to use the feature.

        {x:'1790-01-01', value:3929214},
        {x:'1795-01-01', value:4390561},
        {x:'1800-01-01', value:5236631},
        {x:'1805-01-01', value:5989289},
        {x:'1810-01-01', value:7239881},
        {x:'1815-01-01', value:8722382},
        {x:'1820-01-01', value:9638453}

	// map the data
    mapping = table.mapAs({'x':"x", 'value':"value"});  

    // set the series
    var series = chart.plot(0).line(mapping);

    // create scroller series with values
    var scrollerSeries = chart.scroller().area(table.mapAs({'value': 'value'}));

    // change the series type


This sample shows how this feature works with simple series of one value. Let's now create a more complicated sample with series that need four values: Japanese Candlestick and OHLC.

	table = anychart.data.table("x");
        {'x': '2015-04-01', 'o': 18.23, 'h': 19.36, 'l': 18.18, 'c': 19.31},
        {'x': '2015-04-02', 'o': 19.50, 'h': 19.89, 'l': 19.00, 'c': 19.29},
        {'x': '2015-04-03', 'o': 19.13, 'h': 19.15, 'l': 18.43, 'c': 18.75},
        {'x': '2015-04-06', 'o': 18.54, 'h': 18.76, 'l': 18.27, 'c': 18.76}

    // map the data
    mapping = table.mapAs({'open':"o",'high': "h", 'low':"l", 'close':"c"});

    // set the series
    var series = chart.plot(0).ohlc(mapping);

    // create scroller series with "close" values
    var scrollerSeries = chart.scroller().ohlc(table.mapAs({'open':"o",'high': "h", 'low':"l", 'close':"c"}));

    // change the series type


Note that Range Area uses only two values from the dataSet, but it still works, because the names of the data fields used ("low" and "high") are the same that Range Area Charts have by default. So, it's not only possible to change the series that require completely the same fields but those which use different number of those fields.

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