Chart Preloader is a small animated object used when you want to show that some process is in progress and an end user needs to wait.


Chart editor works only if anychart.css and anychart-ui.min.css are referenced in the page, you can find latest and versioned options at AnyChart CDN:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">


Preloader is a very simple element that is created using preloader() method which returns an instance of anychart.ui.Preloader class.

You can create preloader when needed, render it to DOM and the turn it on and off simply by toggling visibility.

// create a preloader
preloader = anychart.ui.preloader();
// render preloader to the DOM

// Optional: 
// preloader.render(document.getElementById("container")); renders
// preloader in the given element
// Optional: decide what element becomes a preloader
// preloader.decorate(document.getElementById("preloader_container"));

// show preloader

// do something

// hide preloader

Here is a basic sample with chart hidden by preloader for some time, see the code to learn more:


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