AnyChart uses palettes for auto coloring. There are 4 types of palettes: Color palettes, Hatch palettes and Marker palettes, each palette is a list of predefined items: colors, hatch fills or markers.

You can create any number of your own palettes, give them the unique names and apply where needed, see distinctColors(), hatchFills(), markers() and rangeColors() for that.

Also, you can use predefined AnyChart distinct color palettes from anychart.palettes:

// set palette to a chart:
chart.palette = anychart.palettes.defaultPalette;

// Other available palettes:
// anychart.palettes.monochrome 
// anychart.palettes.provence 
// anychart.palettes.morning 
// anychart.palettes.wines 
// anychart.palettes.pastel 
// anychart.palettes.glamour 
// anychart.palettes.sea

Here is a sample of a pie chart, click slices to change palettes:


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