Drawing Tools and Annotations


AnyStock offers a large set of features for creating online financial charts, and one of the most exciting features are drawing tools: they provide you with the ability to draw/display custom objects on a chart. In our documentation they are usually called annotations.

In this section you can find all important information about working with annotations in general and with certain types of them.

Sample Application

To demonstrate how AnyStock drawing tools can be implemented, we created a sample web application with open source.

To see the application live, visit https://www.anychart.com/products/anystock/overview/#drawing-tools.

You can also download its source or simply fork it here: GitHub: AnyStock - Drawing Tools and Annotations Demo.

General Settings

A number of settings can be applied to any annotation regardless its type. For example, all annotation types share some visual settings as well as methods used for binding to axes, forbidding editing, and so on. General settings also include managing the drawing process and serializing/deserializing drawings. See the following articles:

Annotation Types

Here is a full list of annotations available in AnyStock (with links to the articles explaining how to configure them):

Fibonacci Tools

Trend Lines

Geometric Shapes

Labels, Markers, Buy/Sell Signals

Other Tools

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