Supported Charts Types

AnyChart offers of chart types and their modifications and combinations, in the table below you can find a full list of all chart types available, with links to tutorials where you can find out how to create them.

List of Supported Chart Types

Area Chart
Bar Chart
BarMekko Chart
Box Chart
Bubble Chart
Bullet Chart
Candlestick Chart
Circular Gauge
Column Chart
Donut Chart
Error Chart
Funnel Chart
Gantt Chart
Gauge Circular
Gauge Linear
Heat Map Chart
HiLo Chart
Jump Line Chart
Line Chart
Maps - Geo Maps
Maps - Colored Choropleth
Maps - Dot, Point, Marker
Maps - Connector, Line
Maps - Proportional Bubbles
Marimekko Chart
Marker Chart
Mekko Chart
Mosaic Chart
OHLC Chart
Pareto Chart
Percent Stacked Area Chart
Percent Stacked Bar
Percent Stacked Column
Percent Stacked Spline Area Chart
PERT Chart
Pie Chart
3D Area Chart
3D Bar Chart
3D Column Chart
3D Pie Chart
3D Stacked Area
3D Stacked Bar
3D Stacked Column
Polar Chart
Pyramid Chart
Radar Chart
Range Area Chart
Range Bar Chart
Range Column Chart
Range Spline Area Chart
Range Step Area Chart
Scatter Chart
Sparkline Chart
Spline Chart
Spline Area Chart
Stick Chart
Stacked Area Chart
Stacked Spline Area Chart
Stacked Bar Chart
Stacked Column Chart
Step Area Chart
Step Line Chart
Stock Charts
Tag Cloud
Treemap Chart
Venn Diagram
Vertical Area Chart
Vertical BarMekko Chart
Vertical Bubble Chart
Vertical HiLo Chart
Vertical Jump Line Chart
Vertical Line Chart
Vertical Marimekko Chart
Vertical Marker Chart
Vertical Mekko Chart
Vertical Mosaic Chart
Vertical Percent Stacked Area Chart
Vertical Percent Stacked Spline Area Chart
Vertical Range Area Chart
Vertical Range Spline Area Chart
Vertical Spline Chart
Vertical Spline Area Chart
Vertical Stacked Area Chart
Vertical Stacked Spline Area Chart
Vertical Stick Chart
Vertical Step Area Chart
Vertical Step Line Chart
Waterfall Chart
Word Cloud

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