Range Selection UI


Range Selection UI is on of the great chart navigation features AnyStock provides to a chart viewer to make the data mining process comfortable and easily navigate these time based charts. The core navigation tool is Scroller, which is described in Scroller article.

Range Selector helps to use scroller by providing a set of buttons to select certain periods of time.

Range Picker helps to use scroller by providing two input fields of preset format so a user can type in start and end dates.

Both range selector and range picker are a part of anychart.ui package and you need to reference UI CSS file if you are using anychart-bundle.min.js:

<script src="https://cdn.anychart.com/js/latest/anychart-bundle.min.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.anychart.com/css/latest/anychart-ui.min.css" />

Or, if you are using a specialized anystock.min.js you need to reference ui JavaScript file as well:

<script src="https://cdn.anychart.com/js/latest/anystock.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.anychart.com/js/latest/anychart-ui.min.js"/>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.anychart.com/css/latest/anychart-ui.min.css" />

Add to a chart

The easiest way to add range selector or range picker is to add them (render to) to an instance of a stock chart. You need to create them using constructor methods rangeSelector() and rangePicker before that:

chart = anychart.stock();

var rangeSelector = anychart.ui.rangeSelector();
var rangePicker = anychart.ui.rangePicker();

chart.title("Render the range selectors into a chart instance");


// Render the range picker into an instance of a stock chart


Add to a separate DIV

You can choose to render Range Selector or Range Picker into a separate div, in this case you have to specify what instance of a stock chart it controls using target() method:

chart = anychart.stock();

var rangeSelector = anychart.ui.rangeSelector();
var rangePicker = anychart.ui.rangePicker();

// specify which chart range selector controls

// render the chart

// Render the range selection controls into some containers on a page

Adjusting Range Selector

Customizing preset periods

To customize preset periods you need to access ranges() array and change the fields you want to change or remove items you don't want to see. Each element of this array is an object of Range type and contains the following fields:

Field Type
anchor StockRangeAnchor
count Number
text String
Unit StockRangeType

Modification of the fields may look like this:

var rangeSelector = anychart.ui.rangeSelector();

// remove the last element
// modify the first element
rangeSelector.ranges()[0].text="5 DAY";


Creating custom periods

You can completely override the list of ranges and specify your own list:

var rangeSelector = anychart.ui.rangeSelector();

// Set custom ranges for range selector.
    'text': 'Year 2006',
    'startDate': '2006 Jan 1',
    'endDate': '2006 Dec 31'
}, {
    'text': 'Year 2007',
    'startDate': '2007 Jan 1',
    'endDate': '2007 Dec 31'
}, {
    'text': 'Full Range',
    'type': 'max'


Zoom To Label

You can change the text in the label that accompanies Range selector using zoomLabelText() method:

var rangeSelector = anychart.ui.rangeSelector();

Adjusting Range Picker

Input date format

If you want to change input format of range picker fields use format():

var rangePicker = anychart.ui.rangePicker();

// Set date time format.
rangePicker.format('dd MM yyyy');


From and To Labels

You can change the text of labels using fromLabelText() and toLabelText() method:

var rangePicker = anychart.ui.rangePicker();
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