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You are looking at an outdated 7.3.0 version of this document. Switch to the 7.13.0 version to see the up to date information.

Range Markers


Range Markers (sometimes referred as areas or zones) are colored areas bound to a scale, that are drawn through data plot. These areas are useful when you need to name a highlight some value(s) on axis. You can add Range Markers on any scale, both x scale, y scale and additional scale.


To add range marker you need to use .rangeMarker() method. Each range marker has several mandatory properties set by .scale(), .from(), .to() and .fill() methods. If you want to bound range marker to a horizontal scale, you have to set .layout(vertical). Otherwise it will be horizontal.

        .fill('green 0.5');

        .fill('gold 0.5')

        .fill('red 0.5');

The sample below shows horizontal axes ranges.

Range and Text Markers

Combination of range and text markers may be very useful to emphasize certain information or to set a kind of comment or mark some kind of data.

Advanced Visualization

As far as range marker has method .fill(), you can also use gradient and image fills of range to achieve desired style of your charts.

            keys: ['.1 green', '.5 yellow', '.9 red'],
            angle: -90,
            opacity: 0.5

Sample below shows semitransparent filled range.