Using Data Tree Model


Tree Data is quite useful way of implementing data which assume tree like hierarchy with parent/child division. Such structure visualize data nodes connections thus simplifies data adjusting, improves data organization and provides advanced opportunities of data manipulation.


The most common case of using data tree is data grid. Data grid represents hierarchy of data. In sake of convenience AnyChart accept two methods of setting data tree: through table and through tree. Code below demonstrates setting same data through both methods.

  //Data set through tree method
  var treeType =
    // section with raw data in a tree format
      {name: 'Node 1'},
      {name: 'Parent Node', children:[
        {name: 'Child Node 1'},
        {name: 'Child Node 2'},
      {name: 'Node 2'}
    anychart.enums.TreeFillingMethod.AS_TREE  // data type settings

  //Data set through table method
  var treeType =
    // section with raw data in a table format
      {name: 'Node 1', id: 1},
      {name: 'Parent Node', id: 2},
      {name: 'Child Node 1', parent: 2, id: 3},
      {name: 'Child Node 2', parent: 2, id: 4},
      {name: 'Node 2', id: 5}
    anychart.enums.TreeFillingMethod.AS_TABLE // data type settings

Here is a sample with the result of proceeding data from the code above.

JsFiddle Playground

Data Manipulation

Data Manipulation includes CRUD operations, such as:

  • Updating - you can change the values of the existing points.
    • Adding - you can add one or several points between the existing points.
    • Removing - you can remove any point from a data set.

This operations can be performed on root elements as well as for children of a node. Tutorial on CRUD operations for .set() method can be found in Data Manipulation article.


Data in a tree may be added through several methods. Sample below demonstrates adding of a child into data grid on click on a button.

JsFiddle Playground

Adding a child is quite useful method for adjusting data in real time and visualizing actual processes. Nevertheless, adding only one child at a time may appear to be ineffective for managing data. Transferring prepared data with predefined hierarchy is advanced way managing data in a tree. Method .addData() requires data to add and type of new data.

  // data to add
  var newData = [
    {name: 'new Node 1', id: '6'},
    {name: 'new Parent Node', id: '7'},
    {name: 'new Node 3', id: '8'},
    {name: 'new Child Node', parent: 7, id: '9'}

  // adding data
    newData,                                  // data
    anychart.enums.TreeFillingMethod.AS_TABLE // data type

Sample below demonstrates adding data on click on a button.

JsFiddle Playground


Data tree item may have unlimited number of data fields thus it requires methods for reading data from any field and item search through field value. .get() method reads required field of an item. Sample below demonstrates data grid with custom columns. Each of them read data from custom field Data of data grid.

JsFiddle Playground


Every node in data tree may be updated. The node should be gotten first to proceed information adjustment. Sample below illustrates adding 1000 to a value of the third node.

JsFiddle Playground


As far as we can add data, we can remove it too. Use .removeChild() method to delete an item from data set.

  tree.removeChildAt(0); // remove first element in data tree

Sample below demonstrates removing first element in the data tree.

JsFiddle Playground

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