Supported charts types

AnyChart offers you a lot of chart types and their modifications and combinations, in the table below you will find a full list of all basic chart types available, with a links to tutorials where you can find out how to create them (with the samples).

List of AnyChart Basic Chart Types

NameSingle Series Multi Series
Area ChartYesYes
Bar ChartYesYes
Box ChartYesYes
Bubble ChartYesYes
Bullet ChartYesNo
Candlestick ChartYesYes
Circular Gauge
Column ChartYesYes
Donut ChartYesNo
Error ChartYesNo
Gantt Chart
Funnel ChartYesNo
Line ChartYesYes
Marker ChartYesYes
OHLC ChartYesYes
Percent Stacked Area ChartYesYes
Percent Stacked Bar/Column ChartsYesYes
Pie ChartYesNo
3D Pie ChartYesNo
Polar ChartYesYes
Pyramid ChartYesNo
Radar ChartYesYes
Range Area ChartYesYes
Range Bar ChartYesYes
Range Column ChartYesYes
Range Spline Area ChartYesYes
Range Step Area ChartYesYes
Sparkline ChartYesYes
Spline ChartYesYes
Spline Area ChartYesYes
Stacked Area/SplineArea ChartYesYes
Stacked Bar/Column ChartYesYes
Step Area ChartYesYes
Step Line ChartYesYes

You are looking at an outdated 7.6.0 version of this document. Switch to the 8.4.0 version to see the up to date information.