3D Line Chart


This article explains how to create a 3D Line chart in AnyChart.

To learn more about 3D charts in general and how to customize them, see 3D Charts (Overview). In addition, you can read the Line Chart article.

Please note that there is also the 3D 2D Line chart type.

Quick Start

To build a 3D Line chart, use the anychart.line3d() chart constructor. You can either pass your data to the chart constructor or create a series by using the line() method.

The following sample shows how to create a basic multiple-series 3D Line chart:

// create a 3d line chart
chart = anychart.line3d();

// create line series and set the data
var series1 = chart.line(seriesData_1);
var series2 = chart.line(seriesData_2);
var series3 = chart.line(seriesData_3);


Special Settings

Note 1: Unlike the ordinary Line series, the 3D Line series is colored with the fill() method. The stroke cannot be configured.

Note 2: When you use the anychart.line3d() chart constructor, the Z-distribution is enabled by default, which means that the series of multiple-series charts are distributed along the Z-axis.