Use Cases


Chart Editor is an AnyChart Extension that provides a UI allowing you to create and set up various chart types.

To learn more, read the Chart Editor and Chart Editor Configuration API articles.

In this article we showcase applications that make use of Chart Editor.

Qlik Plugin

Qlik Sense is a self-service data visualization and discovery application designed for all business users, whether individuals, groups, or organizations. With Qlik Sense one can analyze data and make data discoveries.

AnyChart Qlick extension for Qlik Sense allows Qlik Sense users to discover their data in Qlik Sense, configure how to present it with the help of Chart Editor, and display it as AnyChart charts.

Learn more about AnyChart Extensions for Qlik and see them in action:

Chart Editor Demo App

Chart Editor Demo application is a very basic sample showing how to use Chart Editor. Feel free to browse the source or fork it and use in your project: