Basic Charts


This section is dedicated to the charts that are a part of the main AnyChart package that is shipped in anychart.min.js.

It is recommended that you read Quick Start and Working with Data articles before you read any article in this section.

The best article to start with here is General Settings article to make you familiar with the basics.

Almost all articles in this section are dedicated to a single chart type, series type or chart variation, all articles contain live sample you can launch, study and reuse.

Supported Charts

The full list of chart supported by AnyChart JavaScript Chart library is available in Supported Charts

Advanced Study

As all the articles here are about basic chart types, they are made to be understood by almost anyone, even those who know very little about JavaScript or charting. However, there are couple of topics that would require some additional reading. These are:

  • Custom Drawing article, you may need to familiarize yourself with Graphics JS library to take full advantage of this feature.
  • Series Type article is not that complex to read but you need a good understanding of the ways AnyChart treats data, so you may need to dig deeper into Working with Data section.