A Tooltip is a text box displayed when an element of a chart is being hovered over. There is a number of visual and other settings available: for example, you can edit the text by using font settings and text formatters, change the style of background, adjust the position of a tooltip, and so on.

To access the settings of the legend tooltip, combine the legend() method of the chart with tooltip() and methods of the tooltip, which are listed in anychart.core.ui.Tooltip.

Enabling / Disabling

By default, the legend tooltip is disabled. To enable it, pass true either directly to tooltip() or to the enabled() method of the tooltip.

Also, the title() and separator() methods of the tooltip allow enabling its title and separator:

// enable the legend tooltp

// enable the tooltip title

// enable the tooltip separator


To change the text of the tooltip and tooltip title, use the format() and titleFormat() methods. The only token available is {%value} - it stands for the names of the series:

// configure the legend tooltip
chart.legend().tooltip().titleFormat("Sales Info");
chart.legend().tooltip().format("Year: {%value}");


Formatting Functions

You can set the text of the tooltip and tooltip title by combining the format() and titleFormat() methods with formatting functions. The available fields include value and meta.

The value field stands for the names of the series, and meta allows accessing custom information about the series. To add such information, pass an object with metadata to the meta() method of each series:

// add meta-information about the series
series1.meta({sales: series1.getStat("sum"), top: "John Doe"});
series2.meta({sales: series2.getStat("sum"), top: "Richard Roe"});
series3.meta({sales: series3.getStat("sum"), top: "Larry Loe"});
series4.meta({sales: series4.getStat("sum"), top: "Marta Moe"});

// enable and configure the legend tooltip

var legendTooltip = chart.legend().tooltip();


legendTooltip.titleFormat(function() {
  return this.value;

legendTooltip.format(function() {
  return "Total Sales: $" + this.meta.sales +
         "\nTop Seller: " +;