Bar Mekko Chart


A Mekko chart with a single series and units is called Bar Mekko in AnyChart. It is often used with one series only.

The difference between this constructor and other variations are:

Quick Start

To create a Bar Mekko chart, use the anychart.barmekko() chart constructor.

To add a series call the mekko() method.

The following sample demonstrates how a basic Bar Mekko chart is created:

// create data
var data = [
	{x: "Spring", value: 20},
	{x: "Summer", value: 30},
	{x: "Autumn", value: 100},
	{x: "Winter", value: 40}

// create a chart
var chart = anychart.barmekko();

// create a mekko series and set the data
var series = chart.mekko(data);

// set the container id

// initiate drawing the chart


General Settings

In AnyChart there are many settings that are configured in the same way for all chart types, including the Bar Mekko chart (for example, legend and interactivity settings).

Read the overview of general settings: General Settings.

Special Settings

Multiple Series

A Mekko chart with units (sometimes also called submarine chart or olympic chart) is a two-dimensional stacked chart. It is often used with one series only. As in the regular stacked chart, the value axis and the datasheet of this chart are based on absolute values.

You can create a multiseries Bar Mekko chart in the same way you always do:



Configuring the appearance of the Bar Mekko chart is similar to configuring the basic Mekko chart or Column chart.

Vertical Bar Mekko

Most types of series in AnyChart can be drawn both in horizontal and vertical orientation: Vertical Charts (Overview).

Here is information about creating the Vertical Bar Mekko Chart: Vertical Bar Mekko.