Network Graph


Network graph is a mathematical structure (graph) to show relations between points. The graph visualizes how entities are interconnected with each other. Entities are displayed as nodes (points) and the relationship between them (edges) are displayed with lines.


The Network Graph diagram requires adding the Core and Network Graph modules:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

Learn more: Modules.

Quick Start

To create a Graph chart, use the anychart.graph() chart constructor, like in the following sample:

// create data
var data = {
  nodes: [
    {id: 'n'}, {id: 'n1'}, {id: 'n2'}, {id: 'n3'}, {id: 'n4'}, {id: 'n5'}, {id: 'n6'},
  edges: [
    {from: 'n', to: 'n1'},
    {from: 'n', to: 'n2'},
    {from: 'n', to: 'n3'},
    {from: 'n', to: 'n4'},
    {from: 'n', to: 'n5'},
    {from: 'n', to: 'n6'},
// create a chart and set the data
var chart = anychart.graph(data);

// set the container id

// initiate drawing the chart  

Here is a live sample: