Percent Stacked Step Area Chart


A Percent Stacked Step Area Chart (also known as a 100% Stacked Step Area Chart) is a multi-series Area Chart that displays the trend of the percentage each value contributes over time or categories.

The concept of stacking in AnyChart is explained in this article: Stacked Charts (Overview).

Quick Start

To build a Percent Stacked Step Area Chart, you should create a multi-series Step Area Chart and set stackMode() to percent:

// create a chart
chart = chart.area();

// enable the percent stacking mode

// create step area series
var series1 = chart.stepArea(seriesData_1);
var series2 = chart.stepArea(seriesData_2);



The Step Area series' settings are mostly the same as other series'. The majority of information about adjusting series in AnyChart is given in the General Settings article.