Switching the Series Type


AnyChart provides a method allowing to change the series type if the current type and the new one have the same or similar fields. See the list of supported chart types to find out what series types can be converted to each other.


To switch the series type, use the seriesType() method of a series and set the name of the series type as a string parameter. The name of the series type used as a parameter is identical to the method creating series of this type, e.g., the bar() method turns into "bar", line() turns into "line", and so on:

// create data
var data = [
    ["Spring", 10], 
    ["Summer", 15],
    ["Autumn", 8],
    ["Winter", 23]

// set the chart type
var chart = anychart.area();

// set the series type
var series = chart.area(data);

// switch the series type

The sample below demonstrates how this feature works with Area, Line, Column, and other series types requiring only one value:


In the following sample, the seriesType() method is applied to OHLC, Japanese Candlestick, and similar types:

// create data
var data = [
    {x: Date.UTC(2015, 4, 1), open: 18.23, high: 19.36, low: 18.18, close: 19.31},
    {x: Date.UTC(2015, 4, 2), open: 19.50, high: 19.89, low: 19.00, close: 19.29},
    {x: Date.UTC(2015, 4, 3), open: 19.13, high: 19.15, low: 18.43, close: 18.75},
    {x: Date.UTC(2015, 4, 6), open: 18.54, high: 18.76, low: 18.27, close: 18.76},
    {x: Date.UTC(2015, 4, 7), open: 18.76, high: 19.14, low: 18.63, close: 18.76}

// set the chart type
var chart = anychart.ohlc();

// set the series type 
var series = chart.ohlc(data);

// switch the series type


Please note that the Range Area series uses only two values from the data set, but it works because it shares the default names of data fields (low and high) with Japanese Candlestick and OHLC series. So, series types do not have to use the same number of fields to be convertible to each other.


The defaultSeriesType() method combined with addSeries() allows you to vary the type of series:

var data1 = [16, 30, 45, 12, 5];
var data2 = [1, 51, 23, 64, 12];
var data3 = [18, 25, 10, 20, 35];

var chart = anychart.cartesian();

// set the default series type

// add a series of the default type