3D Stacked Column Chart


A 3D Stacked Column Chart is a multi-series 3D Column Chart that displays the trend of the value each series contributes over time or categories.

The concept of stacking in AnyChart is described in this article: Stacked (Overview).

Quick Start

To build a 3D Stacked Column Chart, create a multi-series 3D Column Chart and set the stackMode() method into value:

// create a chart
chart = chart.column3d();

// enable the value stacking mode

// create 3d column series
var series1 = chart.column(seriesData_1);
var series2 = chart.column(seriesData_2);

JsFiddle Playground


The 3D Stacked Column series' settings are mostly the same as other series' ones. The majority of information about adjusting series in AnyChart is given in the General Settings article.