Event Markers

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    Event Markers are very helpful elements of the chart, as they allow showing user explicitly an event that took place at a specific moment of time.

    AnyChart Stock has a very flexible and convenient set of tools for working with event markers. Here is a brief list of what it can do:

    • Rich interactivity makes the perception of events more convenient,
    • Selecting event marker feature,
    • Grouping into stacks or into a single marker when several markers hit same date,
    • Complete control over all visual settings,
    • Binding any data to each event marker,
    • Full range of supported external events and methods for controlling event markers from the outside,
    • And much more...


    Here is a basic sample of a chart with Event Markers:


    Articles and Demos

    The following articles are available in the documentation:

    • Event Markers Basics - contains basic information on adding event markers to chart,
    • Tooltips - contains information on using and configuring the tooltips,
    • Events - these articles explains how to handle events from these elements, as well as add, delete and modify event markers dynamically using the external methods.

    Besides the documentation, we highly recommend studying the following resources to get better understanding of all the features Event Markers have: