No Data Label


"No data label" feature allows you to show a message or modify the look of the chart in cases when there is nothing to show. There are a lot of cases when there is nothing to show: the data set is empty or not set, the series are hidden, the series are there but there are no point to show. By default "No Data Label" appears when AnyChart can't find any element to be put on a chart. Series with empty values are still considered as "Data has been set" event.

Enabling / Disabling

Use noData() method to enable "No data" label:




anychart.core.NoDataSettings object had a label which is an instance of anychart.core.ui.Label class. This label can be tuned as any other label in AnyChart (like Chart Labels).

noDataLabel = chart.noData().label();
noDataLabel.text("Error: could not connect to data server");
noDataLabel.background().fill("White 0.5");



Events in general are described in Event Listeners article. Particular events applicable to "No data" feature are described below:

Data Change

To handle "No data" event manually add 'dataChanged' event handler, hasData property of the event context can be used to distinguish between data arrival and data removal cases.

chart.listen("dataChanged", function(event){
    // prevents no data label from showing when 
    // there no data to show on the chart
    // ie series are hidden using legend

    if (!event.hasData) {



You can attach listeners to "No data" label, this may be handy to use it as a button that restarts the process of loading data:

attemp = 0;
// attach events to no data label
noDataLabel.listen('click', function () {
  noDataLabel.text("Error: could not connect to data server... \n\n Attemp #" + attemp++);